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How much does an installation cost?

An installation costs $99.

Do I have to purchase my own router?

No, all the equipment is included upon installation.

How do I know if I qualify for service?

Please give us a call at 956-307-8818 to validate service availability. In some cases, an onsite visit is required to determine availability.

Does Falcon Broadband Networks work for gaming?

Yes, our internet works with Xbox, Playstation, PC, and all major gaming platforms.

How is Falcon Broadband Networks different than HughesNet or other Satellite internet companies?

Falcon Broadband Networks is a fiber-based network, we specialize in delivering low latency connections that are ideal for working from home, streaming, and gaming.

Why isn't my Netflix or Youtube working properly and why does my internet connection seem slow?

There are many reasons why the internet can appear slow.

1.) A common reason we've experienced is gaming consoles downloading games or updates in the background. If the gaming console is not being used, there is a possibility it can still be downloading games or updates. Please ensure no updates are happening before you try to stream your videos.

2.) Please try to restart your router and see if corrects the issue. If you have verified a device is not downloading and you have restarted your router, please call us for assistance.